About us

“Associação Coração Amarelo is a volunteer based organization tackling social isolation and loneliness amongst the Portuguese elderly since the year 2000. Nationwide, around 700 volunteers strive to alleviate this epidemic reality which lies behind too many unopened doors.

Old age brings with it several physical, social and psychological challenges and "Associação Coração Amarelo" strived to find innovative ways to rekindle a long lost sense of connection for those elderly suffering from social isolation and loneliness.

By carefully matching a volunteer with an elderly person, we create an opportunity for a new relationship to develop, grow and deepen. Weekly visits allow an elderly person to leave the house in the company of his/her volunteer to engage in social activities promoted by ACA, enjoy a nice walk, run some errands or simply stay in their home and be read to or share in a pleasant conversation. A Call Center also performed by our volunteers guaranties some extra company and a chance to detect possible situations which need to be signaled to professional health or social services.

According to the dimension of our seven Delegations we work with small professional teams - Psychologist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist. This synergetic effort brought upon by professionals and volunteers creates a significant added value to our work enabling us to respond more thoroughly to the multiple social and psychological needs of the elderly.

We strongly believe that finding positive responses for this most urgent social drama demands that all human, financial and administrative resources be put to use regardless of the different approaches they use to tackle this problem.

The pursuit of happiness and meaning in our lives can only be found when shared!

Joana Pizarro Miranda